The use of this website, Product or Services offered on this website is provided by CYBERTRONICS (HK) LIMTED (hereinafter referred to as "Company") are subject to the following Terms & Conditions, all parts and sub-parts of which are specifically incorporated by reference here. This ‘Terms & Conditions’ shall govern the use of all pages on this website (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Website") and any Product or Services provided by or on this Website.

These Terms and Conditions are an essential and integral part of every offer and every agreement concluded with us. Any customer’s general standard terms of purchase that contradict these Terms and Conditions shall not be binding upon us unless they have been accepted by us in advance in writing.

Verbal collateral agreements/ oral agreement, additions or amendments to these Terms and Conditions are not valid unless confirmed by us in writing. Our offers are without obligation.


Your access to and use of this digital platform is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms & Conditions. These Terms & Conditions apply to all visitors, users, registered members and others who access or uses its Products & Services. You warrant that you have read, reviewed and that you understand & agree to be bound by it.


These terms and conditions of sale shall govern all furniture, furniture accessories or any goods offered under the banner LNS. Purchaser shall be deemed to have agreed to them. Any attempt to change or add to these terms by purchaser, or any conflicting terms on any correspondence, purchase order, or other form sent by purchaser is hereby objected to and rejected. Purchaser shall be deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions of sale by placing an order, accepting delivery or by making payment hereunder.

Written orders received from the purchaser with all the correct information will be acknowledged by both parties, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to advise the Company in writing of any errors or discrepancies in the sales order acknowledgment within five (5) days of the receipt of the acknowledgment by Company.

Prices offered are FOB (FCL), unless otherwise stated and agreed upon.

i) Missing spare parts will be delivered directly to the LNS customers, free of charge at the agreed point of sale.

ii) Small deviation of + -10% of final products negligible. Measurements of natural root/wood products are also subject to deviations.

iii) Minimal color differences are not covered. Wood surfaces are subject to colour and grain variations in accordance with ordinary trade usage and acceptable to the customer.

iv) Leather and textiles (e.g. upholstery fabrics and decorative fabrics) are also subject to variations in accordance with ordinary trade usage and acceptable to the customer with regard to minor variations in the finish compared with leather and fabric samples, in particular in the shade.

v) In order to register a warranty claim, the furniture must be treated according to all regulations and properly used.

vi) LNS reserves the right whether defective furniture will be replaced by new items or credited to the customer.

vii) LNS is not taking any liability for the freight or distribution damage of goods that are sold using FOB.

viii) A small damage (e.g. normal occurrence of wood cracks etc.) needs to be taken into account by the customer. This account is included in the already reduced LNS prices, and only if the damage proportion exceeds 8% of the total value of the delivery, it will be credited or replaced by LNS.

ix) All claims must be supported by photos and other evidences. LNS must be given the opportunity to examine the complaints.

x) If the goods are sold FOB, LNS is not responsible for the freight charges.

xi) A delay in delivery of the goods does not entitle the purchaser either to cancel the entire order or part of the order. The delivery date in the Bill of Lading is the last delivery day. LNS does not accept further obligations or a fee for the delay in delivery. Nevertheless, LNS will do its best to track the delivery details and plans as well as inform the current supply situation to the customer as soon as LNS receives the news.

xii) All other responsibilities are borne solely by the customer, e.g. insurance, etc.

xiii) Please take note, on the use of our recommended transportation company,

xiv) LNS reserves the right for the final decision in any dispute.


The Company shall charge a storage fee to the purchaser for any furniture which is ready to ship and for which the balance has not been paid in full and/or for which delivery instructions have not been given within thirty (30) days after being billed. Merchandise not paid for within 60 days of invoice will be considered abandoned. In addition to any other remedy, the Company shall be entitled to liquidate the merchandise, retain all deposits and apply such proceeds to the unpaid invoiced balances. The Company will not be liable for any liability to purchaser (or purchaser’s customer or the end-user).


All advertising of the Company’s products must be dignified, tasteful and professional. Use of the Company’s trademarks, trade names, logos, copyrighted materials, digital images or other proprietary materials, in any medium (including without limitation, over the internet), without prior written approval by CYBERTRONICS (HK) LTD is strictly prohibited and may subject an unauthorized user to legal action by the Company. By purchasing the Goods, Purchaser agrees to abide by Company’s minimum advertised pricing policy.


All goods has to pass strict Quality Control check. In any situation we need to exchange or refund your goods, this condition has to be supported with report that can be discussed for best solution directly after receiving and controlling the items within 5 days time of its receipt. Failure to make a claim within the stated period after receipt of the merchandise constitutes acceptance of the merchandise and a waiver of claims.

No merchandise can be returned to the Company without its written consent. Unauthorized returns will be reshipped to the location of origin freight collect.

In no event shall Company be liable for any customary variations within industry standards or for imperfections inherent in certain fibers, leathers, metals, fabrics or woods.


All merchandise is inspected before shipping and acknowledged in a signed document by the freight company that the items have been picked up in good condition. Title and risk of loss passes to customer upon placement of item with the common carrier. Therefore, purchasers or their receiving warehouses must inspect the items upon arrival and make claims for any damage, loss or shortages directly to the carrier which have sole responsibility for any damage, loss or shortages incurred during transit. Purchaser or their receiving warehouse should retain all packing materials of damaged items until the claim is resolved. Title and risk of loss passes to customer upon placement of item with common carrier.


Climatic conditions, including heat, light and humidity levels, within the user’s environment, can affect fabric and wood, and may lead to fading, stretching, shrinking or other damage. Fabric displayed in sample books and memo samples describes the intended application thereof. The selection of furniture or fabrics for specific placements or applications is made at the discretion and sole risk of the purchaser and the Company shall have no liability for such selections. Accordingly, purchasers are urged to review the suitability of such choices before ordering and to allow sufficient fabric for environmental effects.


Delivery dates and lead times are estimates only, based on production schedules at the time of the order, and are subject to change. Production cannot begin and lead times cannot be calculated until the acceptance of the order by CYBERTRONICS (HK) LTD which includes: receipt of the required deposit; receipt of all customers own materials; and confirmation of any changes, modifications or approvals to the original order. CYBERTRONICS (HK) LTD shall not be held responsible for any delays in production, or any costs related to late deliveries. All freight is FOB, respective ports.

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