Unique products of the best quality with optimum service.

Working in Indian and Pacific countries is as exciting as it is varied. Differences in culture and mentality are coupled with exceptional artisanship and a sophisticated awareness of beauty and aesthetics. However, it is not enough to simply stumble across a manufacturer who has sent a sample piece to Europe/US, or even to find a manufacturer yourself. Quality management, production monitoring and certification compliance are three of the important aspects of successful production. In order to guarantee this, our employees are always on site to ensure everything runs smoothly. And this is where our quality control comes in. The entire production process is controlled by our own specially-trained employees, and then by external QC firms upon request.

Another important aspect is transport and shipping. A certain amount of intuition and expertise is required to ensure that the ordered goods arrive in the condition expected by our customers. After all, our products spend up to 4-6 weeks in transit on ships and are therefore exposed to temperature fluctuations and humidity risks.

Now, we at LNS are also aware that individual requirements are as diverse as life itself. Your wishes are therefore given free rein. Our designers create unique furniture pieces and home accessories according to your ideas. You are part of the process from the first drawing to the finished product and your vision takes shape gradually.

But what is it that really distinguishes us from other suppliers, who no doubt offer similar products? It is most certainly our passion and commitment to offer you unique products of the best quality with optimum service. However, we are also certain that just as Paula Green expressed in her famous Avis campaign in 1962: We try harder!

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